kickstart your heart

message from Crystal, Founder and Lead Teacher:

doctor of philosophy. single parent. first generation college grad. world traveler. fun maker. high school teacher. instructional coach. researcher. data analyst. yoga teacher and all things yoga lover. igolu leader.

all labels that while useful and informative, i work to shed every day, so that i can work from an unbound place within myself, without fear of the future or reaction to the past, to create and connect in the present moment, leaving a lasting impact on myself, my children and the world

my favorite type of coaching involves ingredients from practices that work in my life and that i’ve seen work in the lives of my teachers and my students, including

-goal and vision work

-clearing & tool-kit building for “in the moment living,” responding and loving

-body movement-yoga, spinning, running, hiking, dancing

-overall health based on your constitution

-nutrition based on what you love, what you need, what blocks you and your constitution

and mixing and adjusting to make a recipe just for you

if this peaks your interest, stirs something in your gut or tickles your fancy: contact me. we will work to mix my broad knowledge and experience base, and the collective power of Powered By Heart leaders and yours to discover a big picture and micro picture for you to work from, within and towards


Detailed offerings and charges

Crystal’s Blog

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