offering details

i prefer and advocate integrated health, wellness and vision coaching and recognize everyone needs different things at different times, and sometimes work in one area (body movement, in my own story), allows other needs to arise. based on this philosophy, our work will start with your needs in the present + will push your “perceived boundaries.” growing your heart, your life, your mind, your impact and your legacy.

in addition to regular igolu programs, i also offer services in a variety of formats including: over the phone, electronically, in person and in both small and large groups.

schedule an initial session over the phone for no charge

phone and/or electronic coaching in USD

$60/one hour   $80/90 minutes   $150/3 one hour sessions (package)

in person & group coaching in USD (not including travel expenses outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas or initial connecting & aligning)

$70/one hour   $90/90 minutes   $300/half day group   $500/full day group

personal training & private/small group yoga + fitness instruction

$65/one hour

my offerings are based on a sliding scale. students, single parents and any one who may be in need of financial assistance are encouraged to ask! i am also a friend of trades, so let’s talk!

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